Kier Gregg
Director / Principal Interior Designer

Kier is our fearless leader who loves to cook (and eat) green chicken curry and other delights, adores gardening and is prone to laughing so hard she cries. She hasn’t quite mastered the spelling of the word constrution contruction construction – but that’s only because she’s been too busy creating residential, commercial and retail designs that have landed her some prestigious local and international awards.


Throughout her 20-year career, Kier has mastered a whole range of different design disciplines including retail, heritage, adaptive re-use, office interior fit-outs and commercial base building. She has designed for childcare and educational facilities, hospitality, exhibitions, medical facilities and single and multi-use residential projects. Basically everything apart from castles, which is weird considering how much she loves watching period dramas – if you’ve got a castle that needs some work, Kier would love a crack at it.


Before forming The Dept. of Design, she worked for a bunch of big name firms – Collard Clarke Jackson ACT, Citrus ID Sydney, Tanner Architects Sydney and HBO+EMTB ACT. She was also a Partner at Archertec Interiors ACT.